​Losing a loved one is difficult enough.  The last thing that you need is the added stress of making important financial and legal decisions during this period.  With this mind, my objective is to help remove this added pressure by guiding clients through the process of administering a trust after the trust creator has passed away.

The trust administration process can vary depending upon the type of trust and the instructions provided when the trust was created.  I work personally with my clients to make sure the wishes of the decedent are met and addressed properly, while counseling them on the legal requirements that arise during this process.  We take the appropriate steps to ensure that the trust property is managed properly, that the appropriate accountings are made to the beneficiaries of trust and that the transfers of trust property to the new rightful owners following the death are made timely and accurately. 

Successful navigation through the trust administration process is key to ensuring that the wishes of the trust creator are respected.  It also helps create peace of mind to the client who is confronted with this task as the successor trustee.   That is my goal as we take this journey together.  

Trust Administration 

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